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This service is for high school, college, or trade school students with limited work experience (2-3 positions max). If you have any form of professional experience in a given field, this is not the correct resume service for you.  


If this service is purchased but fails to meet these criteria, your order will be canceled, and funds will be returned.  


A professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn account optimization, and crafted reference list will be developed based on the client’s professional experience, education, field, and interest. Your final resume will come with matching templates, displaying your educational, professional, and transferable skills and accomplishments.


Please note that exercising the right to purchase services from The Resume Bar does not guarantee an interview nor job offer.

Career Beginner, Resume Package

SKU: 7645125432183
  • For your final product, you will receive documents in MS Word and as a PDF. This is a total of two documents received as your final product.

    Pre-Final products for review will be returned to the client within 7-15 business days from the intake document completion date.

  • If you are dissatisfied with your service, you have 48 hours to submit a
    "Request for Changes Form" to Please be detailed in what portion or portions you are unhappy with and changes will be made within 48 hours of your submitted email.    

    No refund for services will be made, only changes to address client's concerns and issues.

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