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Do you possess a pre-existing resume and cover letter but find that they're not yielding the desired interview results? Are you eager to determine if your application materials are well-prepared for your career pursuits? If so, it's time to collaborate and transform your resume and cover letter into compelling assets!


By choosing this service, you will gain access to a comprehensive checklist filled with invaluable tips and actionable steps that will empower you to enhance your resume independently. Moreover, you'll receive detailed feedback in in-text comments conveniently incorporated using MS Word and a personalized checklist tailored to your needs.


It's important to note that this service focuses on improving your resume and cover letter without undertaking any rewriting or direct edits to your existing documents. Instead, we equip you with the tools and guidance required to elevate your application materials, enabling you to take meaningful steps toward improvement.


To initiate the process, we'll request your resume and cover letter via email following your purchase. Together, we'll embark on the journey of making your application materials truly stand out in the competitive job market.



Resume & Cover Letter Review

SKU: 7645125432182
  • For your final product, you will receive comments in the body of your MS Word document and a detailed checklist. This is a total of two documents received as your final product.

    Resume and cover letter reviews will be returned to the client within 10-15 business days from the intake document completion date.

  • In the event you are not entirely satisfied with our service, you have a 48-hour window to submit a 'Request for Changes Form' to Please provide specific details regarding the areas that require improvement, and we will address these within 48 hours of your email.

    Kindly note that our policy does not include refunds for services rendered; instead, our commitment is to make necessary changes to address any concerns or issues raised by our valued clients.

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